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Alison Philpotts

Artist’s Statement

If I were called to define briefly the word ‘Art’, I should call it the reproduction of what the senses perceive in nature, seen through the veil of the soul.  

-               – Paul Cezanne

I am a landscape painter who works with acrylic paint on large canvases.  For inspiration, I draw on the rolling prairie and mountain scenery of southern Alberta and British Columbia. 

I find paint to be a natural medium of creative expression. Through the guidance of my father, I learned about acrylic painting, mixing colour, effective composition, flow and looseness. I began painting by re-producing the masters of Canadian landscape (Tom Thompson, A.Y. Jackson), and of European Impressionism (Van Gough, Cezanne, Monet).  From this grounding in the 19th and 20th century landscape painting, I have grown into my own form of expression.   I work with strong colour to create a feeling, rather than an image, of a place. Whether sunlight reflecting off leaves, shadows in woods and creeks, or the wide spaces around drifting clouds above distant mountain ranges, I open a personal connection to the places I paint. 

My goal is to bring the feeling of the natural environment into an interior space.  A painting succeeds when it captures the grandeur and serenity of nature and translates these feelings to the viewer, possibly conjuring memories of places he or she has been. 

Artist’s Biography

Alison Philpotts was born in Montreal in 1965, eventually moving and spending most of her formative years in Calgary.  Alison was always surrounded by art, from her grand mother’s love for the fine arts, to her father’s passion which resulted in fine art studies at the University of Calgary.

At a young age, Alison received awards for her watercolors and sketches. Gradually over time, after obtaining an education degree from McGill University, she taught herself to paint. This was through recreating works from the masters, such as Van Gough, Tom Thompson, A.Y. Jackson, Monet and Degas.  From these sessions, Alison learned colour combinations and composition, which enhanced by her bold brush strokes, eventually, developed a brand of her own.

Alison became a full time professional artist in 2002.  Everyday she paints and is quite prolific due to intensity and passion she applies to each piece. The inspiration of the natural environment of western Canada provides endless subject matter.  Alison continues to exhibit consistently throughout Alberta and British Columbia, her paintings are now part of many collections throughout the world. Alison presently resides in Calgary, along with her husband and two boys.

Her Art

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