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March 30, 2014 Latest No Comments

AB123 is coming to Olds! More than 20 communities across Canada have been selected to host Art Battle Live Painting Competitions. More than 250 artists will compete in same-day events in 20 Canadian communities for the chance to advance to the 2014 Art Battle National Championship.


In each participating community, local organizers will host a 3-round live painting competition featuring 12 local professional and emerging artists. Audiences will vote to determine round winners and ultimately one individual event champion. This is Art Battle Canada’s 5th season, over 100 events will be held from coast-to-coast during the year, showcasing the talent and courage of more than a thousand Canadians painters.

In July, winners of each Art Battle regional event will compete at the 2014 Art Battle National Championship and one painter will be chosen by audience vote as the 2014 Art Battle National Champion.

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